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Prepping For Your Family Photos - A few of my favorite tips

You've booked your family photo session! Now what?

The thought of your kids keeping their clothes crisp and clean, and smiling in every photo for those significant family photos may have your nerves going haywire. I'd like to share a few of my personal favorite tips for before and during your shoot, so you'll feel less stressed ahead of time and ready for your shoot! (Because I believe in you and family!)

Before Your Shoot

Prep the little ones: Describe the shoot to them beforehand, letting them know a new friend is going to hang out with them and take some pictures. Get them excited by using fun and positive words in your description. If they see you're excited, they will be, too!

Scheduling: Keep in mind nap times and meal times when confirming your shoot time. You know when your family responds best to activities that might seem like a chore. If you know your little one gets cranky before dinner, perhaps schedule your shoot during a more cheerful time of the day.

Photo Inspo: What kind of family photos do you want to achieve? Each photographer has their own style and strengths, so I would suggest doing a little photo inspiration homework and take note of the kind of photos that draw your eye. Share your inspiration findings with your photographer and make sure everyone is on the same page.

What To Wear: Your family has a unique style of their own! I always suggest my families to simply polish up their natural look. I like to capture my families just how they are in the present and nothing to matchy-matchy. These photos will be lifelong memories to reflect back to a specific moment. Plus, comfortable kids are conducive to happy moods and great photos.

During Your Shoot

Enjoy it!: You've made it to shoot day! Everyone is happy, fed, rested, and maybe coaxed with a future ice cream cone treat - you're a rockstar parent! Breathe, smile, repeat. And think of all the sweet pictures you get to share with family and frame around the house! Now it's time to let your photographer work their magic.

Direction: Poses and attention span obstacles - don't over think them. Your photographer is used to working with families and can sometimes capture the most loved shots when the little ones are playing and exploring. I personally have a couple of fun games I whip out in the chance of a frown or a bored stare, or to simply shake things up. Simon Says is my favorite ;)

Take 5: Mid-way through a shoot, I like to take a few minute breather to let the littles ones take a break. I always ask my parents to bring enough snacks and drinks to get everyone through. Oh, do not underestimate the power of the snack!

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and this time together! Some of the sweetest memories are made when your family is working together and having fun!

**A special thanks to the Koufman family for spending their morning with me, for being superstars in front of my lens, and for letting me share a few of their shoot highlights. I now have such a wonderful appreciation for 8-year-old twins!! You can see a few more highlights in the Koufman gallery here.

And if you would like to schedule your own family photos, let's connect!

With heart,


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