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Chasing dream jobs and exclusive roles takes time, hard work, discipline, grit, and a little creativity. Creativity to do things differently and to stand out among the crowd. I'm always inspired by my hustling friends and clients devoted to making an impact in their professional lives and more excited when they ask me to help them!

Headshots are like a visual calling card to the world. They show up everywhere you showcase your personal brand online: your Twitter profile, your LikedIn profile, your blog/website, your email signature, and so on, and a selfie just won't do! Headshots are a great opportunity to use imagery that'll make a lasting impression and let your personality shine to your viewers.

Thinking about headshots for yourself yet? You might be asking...

So, how do I prep for a headshot session and let my "personality shine"?

When helping my clients prep for their headshots, there's a few things I always like to ask and make sure they know.

1.) Who's looking at these pictures? I want to know who your main audience will be. It'll help me understand the tone and attitude you want to convey in your pictures.

2.) Clean up - No makeover or shopping spree required, just need you looking like yourself on a good day. Shave, makeup, hair on point, you know!

3.) Bring a couple clothing top options. Here's a couple styling tips:

  • Avoid overly bright colors.

  • Avoid distracting, "busy" patterns.

  • Don't wear anything with a logo.

  • Don't wear any accessories that you don't normally wear.

4.) What's your favorite music? My goal is to capture you as natural as possible. Before you begin, I'm probably gonna make you "shake it off" like Taylor Swift, unless you give me another band. (Truth.)

5.) Bringing any props? Reading glasses, lap top, your lucky rabbit foot? These kind of items can be fitting for your shots, just let me know what we're working with.

"here's to the ones who dream" and "to the mess we make"!

Thanks to marketing pro and wellness guru, Christie and up-and-coming actress, Kenisha for letting me share their awesome photos.

In need of headshots for your professional, social, or personal life? I'd love to hear what you're thinking - maybe I can help! Just click right here to connect.



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