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"For No Reason" Photos

Wedding engagements, baby announcements, first family photos; irreplaceable milestones in our lives. These few (and sometimes far in between) important moments are so worthy to be captured by talented professional photographers. ...But I was thinking...what about the in-between?! The in-between moments before and/or after these milestone moments? Why aren't we championing these seasons too?! I believe we should be cherishing all of the moments of our lives! Okay, no, maybe a Target run or a Monday night on the coach warrants a professional photo shoot, but I do believe we should be celebrating our very present - exactly where we are.

When I was asked to snap my sweet friend's "for no reason" shoot, I was THRILLED! I loved her wanting pictures just for herself. Pictures to look back on a time when she was hustling hard. Pictures to look back on when she was patiently trusting for new things and adventures. Pictures to look back on one day with her grandbabies in her lap, of her lovely wrinkle-free 20-something face, and at a sweet time in her life right before she met their grandpa.

I pray we'd all have a courageous spirit like Chelsea's. To name the things we want, and to run after them (in a blue dress and cowboy boots, too if you want)!!

Would you like a "for no reason" shoot, too?! Maybe you want some new pics for that Facebook page or Bumble account - I'd love to help ya with that! Let's chat!!

One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving. - Paulo Coelho

With lots of heart,


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