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Updated: May 30, 2018

Let me introduce myself more appropriately.

Amy Bley

Oh, where the light is. We live in beauty, guys. No really! Whether your days are filled with colorful art and design, or complex spreadsheets, keynote presentations, and honest conversations over the office water cooler, beauty is all around us - and I'm on a mission to recognize it.


Something about me - I love words! (Nerd alert!) For the past few Decembers, instead of writing out a list of New Year's resolutions, I've been earnestly looking for yearly themes and words that defined the past year, and also, the word(s) that will be the anthem for the new year to come.

With a lot of head-down time at my office last year, it left very little space for creativity. For this left brain-creative, I was out of balance. I took some time to reflect the year and pray about what else could be. In my hopes for more balance, a simple word was placed on my heart - listen.

A friendly ask

“Can you take pictures of my baby shower?”

A simple question from a best friend on an important day opened the creative-floodgates! More than a favor, I felt like this ask was more a creative nudge in the right direction. I'm more excited than ever to create and to offer my passion to visually capture stories with remarkable people and projects.

I enjoy the company

Amy Bley Photography has been a creative retreat for a corporate girl that loves systems and good design. I promise to always capture honest pictures that can be forever enjoyed and serve my clients and projects with a happy heart! My ultimate blog hope is to create a digital little space for inspiration and encouragement. This is the beginning of my photography story and an exciting new chapter for me. Please follow along the journey, I sure would love the company! :) I'll be including my thoughts on photography tips, shoot recaps, interesting reads, and other pretty inspiration here. For my year of listen, I hope you'll share your feedback, too! Please leave a tip or a friendly word below. Much appreciated!

With heart,


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